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“With 1Debt Free I was able to cut my debt in half and get out of debt in 36 months compared to the 15 years it would’ve taken me.

—Jennifer, current 1Debt Free client

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Get a free debt analysis

We’ve helped thousands of clients

How Can I Benefit from Debt Relief?

Debt Relief is designed to get your life back.

  • Improved cash flow

    The program improves cash flow every month by enabling financially distressed clients to spend less to address their debt.

  • Become debt free in 24 to 48 months

    An Certified Debt Consultant Certified Debt Consultant will develop a payment plan that will help you become debt free in as little as 24 to 48 months.

  • Reduce the amount you repay

    You only repay a percentage of what you owe, based on what you can afford.

  • Make one, regular, affordable payment

    Your payment plan is based on what you can afford. Making sure you can still live and enjoy your life, whilst becoming debt free.

  • We negotiate for you

    We manage all communications and negotiations with your creditors, you can go enjoy your life.

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Type of Debts That Qualify for Debt Relief

Relief For High-Interest Debts Include:

  • Credit card debt
  • Department store charge card debt
  • Personal loan debt
  • Medical debt
  • Some private student loan debt

How 1Debt Free Changes Lives

What Our Clients Say

I was on a 15 year path because that is all I could afford the minimum payment, but with 1Debt Free they were able to reduce my payments in half and I was able to become debt free in 3 years. I recommend 1Debt Free to anyone that needs the help.

Yvonne Fresno, CA

I appreciate the follow through and time to ensure that I understood everything. Greg was very helpful and patient with taking her time and explain everything and answering any questions and concerns that I had.

Sara Tucson, AZ

You all do amazing work. Your work has actual purpose because there are people depending on you all to take some financial burden weight off our shoulders.

Dave Seattle, WA

The communications from the beginning has been excellent. William Rick walked me through the process very clearly and was very knowledgeable in his answers. Emma was very clear in her instructions and reassuring. I have had my worries answered.

Connie, Austin, TX

1Debt Free staff was very helpful in simplifying things for me in regards to my mounting credit cards debt and interest accumulation . They guided me after months of stress due to Covid19 and the sudden unexpected loss of my job. I choose them to resolve my debt with a simple plan that would help down the road to get my life back to normal. Thank you 1Debt Free.

Michelle, Walnut Creek, CA

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