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We assist individuals experiencing financial setbacks by providing a tailored approach with their creditors for a workable exit strategy from their debts. In essence, our job is to waive as much debt for qualified clients as possible, relieving them of burdensome debt.

1Debt Free saved me$34,000 in credit card loans. I can’t believe I am finally free from this debt.

—Brian, current 1Debt Free client

Independent and impartial professional advice

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In today’s world, it’s pretty easy to find yourself in a spot of financial trouble. There are a myriad of reasons why you might find yourself in a situation with unmanageable debt. 1Debt Free cares about your story. We’re here to help you find a way out of your financial stress.

1Debt Free specializes in providing confidential, impartial, judgement-free financial consultations and debt relief services. Our certified debt consultants will identify the most appropriate solution to help you re-establish your financial security. We want to make a positive impact by helping you achieve your financial goals, facilitating proper money management, and reducing your debt-related stress.

Our mission is to secure a healthy and happy future for individuals, improving the lives of our clients so that they can achieve long-term financial stability. We value your needs above all else, and aim to deliver an excellent service which is consistently improving.

We care about your future.

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Independent and impartial professional advice

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We will happily speak to every individual seeking debt advice that makes an inquiry with us. We understand that if you are in financial difficulty, you may just need to talk to someone about your situation and be steered in the right direction. We have experienced almost every financial scenario possible and are able to determine possible solutions for each.

Today’s interest rates aren’t making it any easier for the consumer. Over 70% of our daily inquiries are taken from debtors who are finding it difficult to manage their normal everyday commitments. By having more than one credit card, a personal loan, a car loan and a mortgage repayment, it’s easy to see how simple it can be to fall behind. Once the downward spiral starts, it can almost be impossible to stop.

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